Saturday, July 3, 2010

Visit from family

With all the graduation festivities was visits from family far and wide. Ken's mom came the week before graduation. Maria's parents and sisters came the weekend of graduation and stayed afterwards for a few days. We enjoyed just hanging out and visiting as well as seeing different things around Houston.
We went to Brazos Bend park because our cousin wanted to see "real" alligators. This is about as real as it gets.
Hanging out at home.

The Curnutt clan with grandma and Papa

Lovin on cousin Benjamin

The "kids" at play at the children't museum

Papa and Paige racing their Lego cars. Papa's had some structural problems.

On the ferry to Bolivar. We hadn't been since before Ike and the little ones thought it was cool to drive on the boat and get out and check out the water

Grandma and Papa on the ferry

Dinner at the original mexican restaurant after a full day at Galveston. Yummy!!!

The great Lego creation from Sara, Paige and Anthony. This was very tricked out!!!

Thanks so much for coming and visiting. We love to have visitors, and it doesn't even have to be a special event.

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