Sunday, November 27, 2011


We have had some major computer probs the past month, so it compounded my delinquency in posting. I figured I will give highlights from the past couple of months.

Paige turned 15. I can't even believe that she already that old!!! Time goes way too fast and she is such a beautiful young woman!!! She is raring to get her learner's permit and drive. (I am definitely not ready for that!!) She had to go to school so she is decked out in her birthday regalia to let everyone know it was her special day. We also had the band bash that evening so her birthday got sandwiched between the activities. Seems like that is the way life is going lately, craziness.

No, Paige did not get a car for her birthday. Ken had a rental from a trip and the girls decided they wanted to enjoy the photo op. Just the thought is scary!!!

WE GOT RAIN!!! It's weird that this is so exciting but we have been in severe draught conditions with no rain for months. We finally got a real rain storm! It didn't make a significant dent in the need but the kids had a good time running around in it for a while.

We went to a Astros game. A friend had 4 tickets they weren't going to use so we went. We didn't think it would be very good since the Astros had a terrible season with something like 100+ losses. We played the Colorado Rockies and WON!! We said we brought them good luck, Hah!! but it was a good time.

Maria turns another year older. The end of Sept is my birthday and despite my age I wanted the 2011 American Girl doll. No matter how I get I love dolls. I usually don't indulge but this one was from Hawaii. My family thinks I'm a bit loony but she is beautiful and I love it!!

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